My dream is rooted in the firm belief that every each one of us was born with something divine, a spark that was shining when we were little; our eyes, our faces, our bodies were shining.


You can still see this light in the eyes of the people that are living their dreams, that are living the life that was meant for them.


I believe that as we grow, our spark dwindles because of all the worries, all the Nos, all the You Can’ts, all the You Musts we receive from our parents, teachers, friends, partners. My dream is to light up that spark again!

I believe that organizations are sick. Most often you see sad, dragged out, lost, angry, frustrated people in corporations. I believe that these organizations are killing people’s divine spark. So my dream is to help create organizations that light up the free spirit in people and cherish and make their employees flourish!

One way to accomplish my dreams is through coaching individuals and leaders to seek their inner spark and to dedicate one/two hours per week in strengthening that divine seed.
The second way is to help organizations become more aware about their culture and make conscient decisions about changing it!
Last, but not least is to help people explore their creative force. We are all creators, either of ideas, concepts, businesses, children! See how inventive and creative kids are in finding ways to play and entertain themselves! And my way to help people explore and grow their creativity is by creating a platform for creative hobbies like painting, sculpture, working with colored glass, etc. and help people make room in their lives for these hobbies!


I have a dream!

To FUEL your dreams and visions!