YinYang This is the motto Mihai Stanescu chose for his ‘Coaching Mornings’ (‘Diminetile de Coaching’) events. Even if I can accept this saying, I learn in every minute and situation and from every reflection that he is making, how many facets there can be to it.

I particularly like this event because there are many people with different backgrounds and level of experience and because they raise interesting topics for discussions. Even if it may feel like sometimes there is a debate, Mihai’s observations help us grow awareness into a group’s patterns of behaviors. This alone is valuable enough because if you work in a corporation you definitely take part to different meetings; and learning from the observations he is making you are now able to recognize the patterns of behavior of people in your meetings and you now have the ability  to steer the conversations to something that produces better results.

I also like Mihai’s each and every intervention as he makes it from a place of just observing and not judging. And every time he does that I learn a new lesson about non-judgmental listening and in the same time I learn a new lesson for what ‘Everything Is In Everything’ truly means.

I strongly recommend these events for people that want to enrich their view of the world, things, people with other people views and why not with Mihai’s view; and TO:


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