STOPEsther Derby made a comment on twitter about how companies are still hiring developers as they would workers in 1950. I agreed with this comment and I have re tweeted it. A friend of mine that used to be in one of my teams asked me what the solution for this is.

In my view these companies are in a vicious circle where they strongly beleieve that more is better, where the conscience question of wether we can do this project or not is not even asked! So everything is inertia!

The solution is STOP!

STOP and think of what you’re doing!
STOP and measure your ROI with every single project that you take every hire that you make!
STOP considering the process of creating the software! Can it be done like in 1950?

And the best way I found this described was in Tim’s GallwayInner game of work‘: The STOP Tool, which I will shortly describe here:

Step Back


Organize your thoughts and


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