While speaking with some of my friends I realized that coaching is not a so known profession, at least in Romania is not; I have been asked questions like: Is it  therapy, is it religion, what is?

So I thought it would be useful to write and share some resources about coaching that might help you get a clearer idea about what it actually is. I am not intending this post to be an exhaustive description of what coaching is and how it might help you. There are some good books that I will also point you to, if you need more than what you have just read.

First of all, coaching is neither counseling nor therapy. Coaching assumes that the client is really resourcefulness and is not sick and needing to get fixed. Coaching is enabling the client rich his full potential, to learn more about himself and to grow. This is not done in the way that the coach is teaching or telling the client what to do. It’s done in such a way that the client is helped finding his own solutions and his own answers to his problems. The real expert is the client himself and coaching can be applied in just one area of a client’s life (for example the career) or in all aspects of his life.

By helping the people learn and grow, coaching uncovers limiting beliefs and helps the client change them with more empowering, supporting beliefs, until the client becomes so fully aware of himself and his beliefs that the need of holding a belief disappears. Such limiting beliefs could be:

  • I am not supposed to be happy at work; work it’s by definition unpleasant;
  • I am not supposed to ask for help because it means I am weak;
  • I have to have all the answers and the solutions to everything;
  • In order to be loved I need to do this, and that, and…
  • I can not take time for myself as my family will think I am egoist and I don’t love them that much;
  • … you can also add here some of your own

Coaching is focused on what a client can do and not on what he cannot do; it is focused on moving forward rather then asking why or what got the client where he is now. It is really solution oriented and provides a process that allows getting results in any area of a client’s life by setting the desired goals, establishing motives for why that is really important to the client (connecting the goal to his values and positive beliefs), design actions, plan and and monitor evolution towards the goals.

Coaching helped me on taking this path and I am really happy with the choices I have been making.

I have found this document, that is a scientific approach to describing the history of coaching and the influences behind the growth of coaching. It’s really filled with a lot of useful information and it provides additional reading lists that supports the findings.

Books that I think are relevant for coaching:

So, if you think that’s more to you than meets the eye and you want to step into your true potential, then coaching is really an excellent choice for you to help you achieve it! 

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