Short Version:

I work with organizations and individuals that struggle with change or that constantly look at their business, careers, lives and want to get better.

Long Version:

I work with managers, team leaders, executives or professionals that do not have a title but do want to be more successful at what they do. I also work with those that do want to make changes in their personal lives so they get the best out of them :).

Typically, people I work with are:

  • Junior Scrum Masters
  • Seasoned managers/project manager that sense that’s more
  • Ambitious ones that strive to be better in both their careers and personal lives.
  • Professionals/People that feel that they have to change something, that what are they currently doing is not working anymore, just they do not know where to start, when or whether they can do it.
  • Organizations that want to make a cultural shift or implement a value based leadership and strong management practices.
  • Organizations that want to grow and develop their leaders/mangers at all levels.
  • Organizations that want to adopt agile practices and implement Scrum

Why Me

People that know me would say that I am ambitious, determined, I get what I want. What I would say about me is that I live my life staying true to my values and beliefs (to some extent still trying to). And I wouldn’t change a thing :)

What’s most important to me

The Three most important values to me are Freedom, Integrity and Determination. Somehow they have been with me since I was born, yet I only became fully aware just by reading this book, which happened not so long ago (October 2010).


Absolutely every time somebody tells me how to act or how to think or if the situation just so happens that leaves me with no choices I feel like I am imprisoned. My reactions to these people and situations vary depending on the degree to which my Freedom is endangered. I can find myself running, accepting I can’t do anything about it, fighting :)… Although it sounds a bit dramatic, it is not. I strongly believe that everyone should find their own way in doing things and that they also should follow their own path in life. And that happens because they chose to and not because some parent, or brother, or manager or teacher tells them to, or because there is a mortgage on the house and they can’t do anything about it.

I believe God gave us free will and ever since human kind we argue about freedom and fight for it. Although the enslavement is not really that obvious nowadays, every time somebody lets other people or situation to take control of their lives, they are not using the gift that God gave them. Our lives are sums of our choices and the sooner we get this the sooner we will be happier.


One English quote close enough to what this value means to me is “I would rather die standing than live on my knees!” (Emiliano Zapata).


Never give up! Like Albert Einstein said: ” Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds”; and if I would stop when anybody tells me to then I wouldn’t probably get anywhere. So, I don’t let anybody tell me what I can or can’t do and the harder the challenge and the opposition I get, the greater the will and force to overcome it.

What’s my experience

I am currently holding multiple certifications on Scrum, Project Management and LSI/GSI and I am enrolled in a program to get my Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from ICF. Please visit my profile on LinkedIn to learn more about my professional experience, skills and knowledge.

What’s my motivation

I like helping out, I am amazed and extremely happy every time I see the spark in the eyes of people that gets it, I love freedom and I see a lot of chains that people are bound with; and I wish to help them remember the burst of joy, the same feeling I am experiencing when I feel I am in control of my life and that I can do whatever I chose to; I like to bring people hope so they will know that no matter how hard the situation is they do have the resources to solve it. I really do believe that God never gives us a heavier than we can carry burden . In fact, He never gives us any burden, just opportunities for us to Learn.

What’s my approach

I am really creative, imaginative, not judgmental, free of preconceived ideas; people feel at ease around me and they trust their worries or feelings stay with me. I am not giving up on anybody if they seem lost. I always brake the shackles of “can’t”, “don’t”, “shall not” and bring back the positive “I can do it”, “I deserve it” and “there is hope” :).

There will be 2 free sessions before we actually start:

  • one in which
    • we get to know each other,
    • I understand your needs,
    • I explain a little bit about the process;
  • second one in which
    • we start to work in the direction you need,
    • you decide if it is suited for you and if you want to continue.

To sum it up …

My vision is to make world a happier place and I believe I can accomplish that by helping each one of you get more of what you really want deep down inside :). My key strategy is to help you learn how to be much more self-conscious and self-aware and how to develop your own tools and techniques that support you in moving forward.

… and for the Organizations, Managers, Leaders, happier people leads to increased productivity, so you get the picture :).