tribe of followers

Without a massive platform of millions of followers, it can feel like you have no voice. That it’s impossible to get your ideas, your passions, your message out to the world. Even with social networks like Facebook and Instagram, it can feel like you’re screaming into a sea of noise and hashtags. It leaves a lot of people discouraged. Many are so cynical about the impact they have they don’t bother trying at all.

Others don’t feel like they have anything important to say; that they’re not smart enough, clever enough, or even spiritual enough. Why would anyone want to hear from little ol’ you anyway, right?

Wrong. You have an important gift to share with the world. And luckily, there’s good news. Despite being one of 7 billion people walking this planet, your message needs to be heard– and there are a few key ways to make sure it packs a punch.

be seen


It’s easy to blend in with the crowd. There’s nothing to fear if you don’t put yourself on display or stand up for what you believe in. Like Peter Marshall’s famous line, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything” it’s crucial to face your fears and get out there. There are people right now needing your particular brand of awesomeness.

Fear of being the centre of attention comes from a few possible places. Sometimes it’s a two-sided coin; the fear of success AND the fear of failure. What if your message is wrong? Will people laugh at you? Will you look like a fool? What if you succeed and start picking up steam? What if your message resonates with people and they have expectations of you? You could fail them and yourself. These fears can run wild in your imagination keeping you from sharing your gifts with the world.

Many of these fears are from your ego. Trying to protect you, they’re designed to keep you safe in the situation you’re in. Regardless if you’re unhappy, the ego knows what your current situation is like. There are no surprises, no matter how bad it might be. However, if you take the plunge and put yourself out there, your ego goes into overdrive; it fears the unknown and magnifies your negative thoughts. One of the most effective ways to overcome this “security system” of the mind is by taking small steps each day to get your message in the hands of people who need it– and with a new perspective. But how do you do that?

side hustle


Instead of posting inspirational quotes on Pinterest or Facebook just for your friends and family, think of your message like an entrepreneur would market her business. People who are driven to change the world are determined to spend as much time as possible getting their message in multiple hands. The easiest way? Make it your job– literally. We need more women shining their light with soulful businesses that serve the world in positive ways.

Step one? Get clear on your message. What life experiences have you had that were teaching moments? What have you suffered through and persevered? There are people out there going through the exact same thing you have and feel hopeless. By distilling your message to its bare bones, you’ll know who you can best help.

Once you can write down your message in as few words as possible, find out where “your” people hang out. Are they on Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? Reddit? Like an entrepreneur, you need to research your target market. Start accounts with usernames that relate to your message and start posting something every day. Share your story. Share your struggles and engage with people.

Eventually, you’ll find that people will seek out your opinion and expertise. They will share your message with others. Posting your message to social media consistently (even to just one social media platform once a day) will start to gain traction. Eventually, you can start a website or Facebook Group. Once you have those, you can offer services to help people get through their struggles just like you got through yours. With my clients, we figure out the one problem they can solve and create a high-ticket signature program around it. In 12 weeks you’ll go from having a message to a full-scale launch offer. If you’re interested in owning your own business as a life coach, healer, e-commerce retailer, influencer or more, you can find more info about that here.

That’s how you merge your passion with work– like thousands of passionate female entrepreneurs worldwide, they change the world sharing their message as life coaches, e-commerce marvels, influencers, bloggers and more. They run their businesses wherever they like by staying true to their core beliefs and principles.

Owning your own business that aligns with your values is incredibly fulfilling and lucrative. Whether you keep it a small side hustle or take it full-time, you’ll serve the world and attract abundance through the manifestation of your positive message. It’s a win-win!



After a long day of work, family, and household responsibilities there’s not much left in the tank for noble causes. However, if you know you have something of value to give to the world (and you absolutely do) it requires massive amounts of action to give it legs.

Manifesting the fabulous life you want where your message is heard loud and clear takes work. The Universe provides for those who help themselves. That means turning off the phone, moving off the couch, putting work aside, and getting into the community. Join a meetup group that is aligned with your message. Do you want to help women suffering through cancer? Find support groups where your story will be uplifting and inspirational. Are you focused on helping the environment? Find local groups that reuse recyclables and turn them into art. Networking online is great, but real-world, face-to-face relationships are the most powerful connections you can make.

Find local organizations that look for volunteer speakers at monthly events. Local female entrepreneurial groups, support groups, art circles, and more are constantly looking for new speakers to share their message. It’s a great way to expand your network and create new opportunities to blast your message. Plus, as a coach, influencer, or business owner offline contacts are crucial for future success.

As a Fast Results Strategist and Coach, I help women all over the world get their message into the world. Even if you’re unclear, I can see exactly where you fit. It’s my gift. I work with clients to define and distil the one purpose they are here to do, then help them create and launch their online service based business. It’s not just about making money– when someone can support themselves doing what they’re meant to and passionate about, their life changes. The light in their eyes shines. They’re happy. They walk with their head up knowing they’re making a difference. They are proud of who they’ve become and the transformations they have experienced! 

You have something inside you so rare, so special that it must be shared with the world. You have an opportunity to serve the world, enrich your soul, and attract abundance. You CAN have it all.  Let me show you how with a free strategy call that leads to passion and profits. The world is waiting.


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