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The signs of success have changed. In the past, it was the corner office, the partnership, and the accolades that drove women to the top of organizations and corporations. However, the internet and social media have completed upended the landscape of success. Women everywhere, regardless of background, education, or experience are embarking on new careers they can operate anywhere on their laptops and phones. They’re finding niches that align with their values, beliefs, and the purpose they’re here to fulfil. Coined, “Lifestyle Businesses” these women are building tribes and boosting their wallets while serving the world.

As a career woman, you might find the idea of a lifestyle business intriguing. And why not? There’s no ceiling on the money you can make in a niche you love. You can plan out your schedule based on your life instead of fitting in family and friends around long hours at work. A lifestyle business affords you the time to see your kid’s ballet recitals and soccer games. You can take off with your partner for a weekend of fun at the beach. You’re free to design your life and your business the way YOU choose. Freedom is the new symbol of success. But which lifestyle businesses are best? Here are the top 4 lifestyle businesses for illustrious career women like you.


As one of the most lucrative opportunities today, coaching is a perfect lifestyle business for career women. Personal-development is a trillion-dollar industry, and every year, more and more people are investing in coaches to help them leapfrog their success.

Having years of experience in your field, you’ve accomplished more than most women. You have the education and experience to help people smash their goals. You’ve conquered the mindset traps, motivation hurdles, and fears many people face. That experience is priceless. You have a high-value skill set that can serve others in a positive way. Plus, there are so many different types of coaches today: life coaches, health coaches, divorce coaches, success coaches, career coaches, etc. Basically, if you can imagine it, it exists!

Coaches typically bring a holistic approach to their services and help clients overcome internal aspects that hold them back like mindset, resistance, and problem-solving. You focus on helping them change what’s not working and design a path to the goals they wish to conquer. You hold them accountable when they’re not motivated and cheer them on when they succeed. It’s a fantastic way to make a difference in people’s lives.

As a coach, you can help people individually, but if you want a more lucrative business you can offer group and online programs as well. You can host retreats in lush and exotic destinations, or start a monthly membership program that leads to a high-ticket offer.

As a Fast Result Strategist and Coach to Aspiring Female Business Owners myself, I help my clients figure out their business idea and launch it fast so they can get results immediately. If you’re interested in having a fully-created offer to launch in just 12 weeks, schedule a free, no-obligation Strategy Call here.


With online shopping exploding, many women are taking their passion online with e-commerce shops. A great option, e-commerce allows you to operate your business wherever you like. Plus, it’s simple to create an online store. With easy-to-build platforms like Shopify and Woo-commerce, you have templates to build a cute shop that looks slick and professional.

You don’t even need to hold inventory to start. With dropshipping becoming extremely popular, more and more people are opening stores than ever before. 

Dropshipping involves having partnerships with legitimate manufacturers who will take your customer’s order and ship it on your behalf, leaving you responsible for marketing and customer service. As long as you’re offering high-quality goods from established businesses, dropshipping can be lucrative. Online businesses like Wayfair operate this way and do quite well.

Amazon fulfilment and Ebay power-selling are great options as well. With eBay, you can cruise your local second-hand shops to find interesting items to sell. With Amazon fulfilment, you find a manufacturer overseas to create a product with your label on it. It’s called white or private-labelling. It functions similarly to dropshipping, however, you have much more control over the quality of products.

If you prefer to create and sell your own products, there are plenty of options to get your empire started. Try sourcing hand-made goods locally or internationally and have them shipped to a shipping warehouse who can handle the shipments for you. Or, ship them from your home until you can find a warehouse locally.


Gaining steam quickly, Influencing is a massive opportunity for career women. Commonly thought as a career for the young and fit, Influencers exist in every market and niche. Whether you blog, vlog, or post pictures on Instagram, influencing is the art of building a following and monetizing it by selling offers to your followers.

You don’t need to be young and gorgeous to make a lifestyle business as an Influencer. Blogging about your experiences is an excellent income once you’re getting a steady stream of clicks on your blog. Cooking blogs, health blogs, career blogs, crochet, ballet and more are all possibilities. There are thousands of people worldwide interested in micro-niches (small niches of specialised interests) and each micro-niche has influencers.

As you build a bigger following blogging or posting on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, companies will begin to pitch their products and services to you. Wanting to get in front of your audience, you’ll make money by showcasing their products in sponsorships on your site or social media profile. The more your audience purchases these products, the more money you can command from future partnerships with companies.

Affiliate offers are similar to sponsorships. Bloggers, Influencers, and Vloggers can send their audience to links they have posted to buy the products or services they are featuring in their posts. Generally, the Influencer will receive a commission on each and every purchase through the link.


The Holy Grail of lifestyle businesses, generating passive income is the best return on time for money. Passive income allows you to make money without being actively involved in the process. You’re not trading your time or experience for cash. It has the opportunity to make incredible amounts of money and skyrockets plenty of women into the 7-figure world quite quickly.

Creating ebooks and courses are some of the best ways to design a lifestyle business based on passive income. Using your passion, education, and interests you write a high-value ebook or multi-module course. Then you market it and cha-ching! You make money month after month after doing the work once. 

People can easily make tens of thousands of dollars every month with marketing campaigns that are evergreen (run all the time). Depending on the niche you dive into, you can create a steady income for little work year after year. Plus, many savvy women design their own lifestyle business that gives them true freedom with passive income in multiple niches.

As a career woman, you have the smarts, experience, and know-how to succeed in some pretty tough situations. However, if you’re looking for a lifestyle business that lets you live a life designed by you (instead of dictated by a corporation) there are plenty of options out there. Find a niche you love, and a problem you can solve and get out there!

With the new symbols of success being freedom, travel, and time, you can have it all. You CAN make a lot of money, enjoy more time, be seen as successful, and still bond with your family. All it requires is a phone, a laptop, and a little ingenuity, which you have in spades. However, if you need a little help finding the one thing you possess that can give you today’s definition of success, schedule a free Strategy Call with me now. We’ll uncover your business idea and launch it from scratch to cash FAST, 12 short weeks fast!


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