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Can you take an honest look at your life and identify that your current struggles linked to a childhood filled with trauma and abuse?
Or maybe all that you recognise is that you feel like you are a “bad flawed person”?
Do you live in a whirlwind of turmoil and inner pain?
This, too, was Laura’s experience.
Some of her stories may not be an easy read as she tells it how it was in candid detail.
However, she shares with grace and love from her heart to yours. Laura takes you on the return journey to love.
The clear, simple and inspirational self-healing steps will guide you on how to go after what you want in life, no matter what your past has been like. You will discover that there is light at the end of the dark tunnel and how to beautifully embrace who you truly are.

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Can you let go of stress and struggle?

Do you want to move into more ease and flow?

Have you got enough of your own stories?

Ready to follow a step-by-step journey and apply yourself to self-mastery?

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And so is your family. Trauma travels through family until one brave soul says stop!

If you can summon the courage to go for after what you truly want, this book will be a loyal companion. I’ve launched it in May 2021.

It has already been an inspiration for hundreds of women.

You can find it on Amazon. Although you might need to check the link available in your country. This one is for Amazon worldwide.

Just search for its name: Life: The Furnace Of Your Soul – The Journey Back To Love and you should be able to find it! ❤️



Laura has an incredible way of reaching out to the reader and connecting on such a deep level that you truly feel acknowledged. Through courageously sharing her powerful story and incredible wisdom, she lovingly guides the reader on a journey of self-discovery. She leaves them with a certainty that there is a better way, one that will lead to the beautiful life they deserve.

Samantha Touchais – Business and Mindset coach

I believe that anyone who has faced adversity in their life will be able to use this book, not only as a source of inspiration, but also to help them move through their own story and create a new, empowering one. Laura Hurubaru shares her story with vulnerability and with her words, is able to ignite hope and feelings of value for the reader. As a therapist, I would highly recommend this book to my clients who are struggling with creating a new story for themselves. And as a reader who loves self-development, I found the exercises in this book practical and helpful in realigning with what I know to be true but that is sometimes forgotten.

Iva Gojanovic – LICSW, Child and Family therapist/ Social and Emotional Skills Coach

This book clearly stands out in the deep-diving oceans of self-help books for women! 

There are books that we know we want to read, that will cover everything we need and that we’ll re-read them all over again to discover further hidden truths. This is without doubt, one of those books.

This will serve a woman who wants to take inspired action, and more importantly, is offered a clear and simple map to finally retrieve buried treasure within. She will know where and how to start and where to go and where not to go. 

Being torn apart by my conflict of high aspirations, my true connection and the integrity that I stand for, I find that I am repeatedly drawn back to the dark clouds of my abusive past for ten long years. In this book I have at last found the true concept of self-love. 

Every struggling woman will indeed, instantly and deeply, connect to Laura’s guidance. They will finally receive their long awaited birth of awareness to their inner strength recognition, self-appreciation and personal liberty.

Ermina Alagic, Holiday Home Academy Coach



The Dickens process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8awWbuFQL2Q 

The Oracle cards I’ve been using: Isis by Alana Fairchild, Animal Magic by Alexis Cartwright

Hoʻoponopono prayer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ho%CA%BBoponopono

As a Fast Results Strategist and Coach, I help women all over live in their purpose and serve the world while doing so. Even if you’re unclear, I can see exactly where you fit. It’s my gift. I work with clients to define and distil the one purpose they are here to do, then help them create and launch their online service based business. It’s not just about making money– when someone can support themselves doing what they’re meant to and passionate about, their life changes. The light in their eyes shines. They’re happy. They walk with their head up knowing they’re making a difference. They are proud of who they’ve become and the transformations they have experienced! 

You have something inside you so rare, so special that it must be shared with the world. You have an opportunity to serve the world, enrich your soul, and attract abundance. You CAN have it all.  Let me show you how in my book, Life: The Furnace Of Your Soul – The Journey Back To Love. The world is waiting.

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