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Are you a coach, influencer, or entrepreneur who feels stuck? Maybe you’ve found out that running a business isn’t all giggles and laughs (like some people’s Instagram and Facebook posts seem to shout). There’s marketing, selling, accounting, administration, and more. It’s common, even among 6-figure earners, to find a backend that looks like a bomb went off. They’re not organised or effective, and they’re swimming in stress.

No matter which area you’re struggling with, they all impact your business. Without the right tools or guidance, it can be impossible to hit the financial and freedom goals you have. Plus, it keeps you from sharing the one talent you have with the world effectively.

However, there are a lot of bad biz coaches out there, and plenty of them prey on brand new entrepreneurs. That’s why it’s important to know what to look for in a coach who will actually help you reach your goals. Here are the 5 top tips to look for in a great business coach:

be choosy

With so many business coaches to choose from, how do you spot the one that’s right for you? Who in your life do you trust to refer a coach that aligns with you? It’s easy to fall for “shiny object syndrome”. Savvy marketers make their programs sound like it’s the only one that’ll help you succeed; they’re good at manipulating the key emotions that cause us to whip out our wallets. If you come across a business coach or program that sounds perfect, step away from the screen and take a deep breath. Once you’ve cooled off from the excitement, examine their testimonials and ask a trusted friend or colleague for help. Sometimes others can spot what we don’t see.

Always balance your gut instinct with critical thinking. Do you like the language they’re using on their website and social media? Are they active in their Facebook or online forum groups? Are there complaints about them online? Doing this extra research will help you decide on a coach that is perfect for you. You want someone who is aligned with your values and beliefs AND has a solid track record of success. Find someone you have a natural chemistry with and whose mindset you admire.


When looking for the ideal business coach, it’s important to find someone who will hold you to the goals and wishes you have. It’s easy to grab your phone and procrastinate when no one’s lighting a fire under you. However, some business coaches aren’t involved with their clients. They have too many people to coach and it spreads them thin. If you catch wind that a business coach is referring their clients to online modules, books, or videos to keep them motivated, run the opposite way! You’ll never reap the benefits of coaching without a one-on-one cheerleader keeping you on task.

It’s like having a good teacher in school; if you don’t do your homework, you’re going to hear about it. And if they don’t hold you accountable you’ll stop doing the work that gets you the life you want. Always ask your potential coach how many one-on-one hours you’ll receive, what process they use to hold their clients accountable, and if they’re comfortable pushing to get you results. We all struggle with motivation from time to time, but you don’t want a drill sergeant, you want a firm but supportive and compassionate person rooting for your success.


The most common and effective path to success is in following the footsteps of successful people who’ve done it before you. Plenty of coaches have slick looking websites that position them favourably, but anyone can hire a professional agency to spiff up their online presence and marketing. Contact the coach via email, Skype, or phone for a free consultation. If you like what they have to say, always request a list of past clients. Contact a few from the list and find out what their experience was like. Did their business benefit from their coaching? Are they more confident? Profitable? Productive? Regardless of the price or offer, make sure you’re entering into a coaching relationship with someone who knows what they’re doing and has proven results under their belts.

the bad

Hearing about your potential coach’s successes are great, but look for someone who will make themselves vulnerable by sharing the bad too. Everyone falls on their way to the top and a good coach will know how their failures set them up to succeed later. What did they learn? How did they overcome the struggle? If your coach can’t open up about their experiences good AND bad, how can you trust them with the issues you face? You’ll learn most from someone who is fully transparent and honest about their journey.


Sure, business is serious, but you want someone who can laugh and joke too. The right coach will not only have great chemistry with you, but they’ll also look on the bright side when things look grim. If they’re successful in business they know how tough things can get, and if they’re legit, they’ve made it through– without too many scrapes and bruises. Having a good attitude means they see the big picture. And when you’re stuck in the details, you’ll need this shift to get you back on track.

Reach Your Goals Faster With A Coach Who Sees Your Special Purpose

It’s widely known that having the right business coach will catapult your success beyond your wildest dreams. It shaves years off of the process. But, without any real credentials, anyone can set up shop and call themselves a coach. Take a few extra steps to play detective and find out more about the coach you’re interested in. As a Fast Results Strategist and Coach myself, I understand how difficult it is to find the right mix of spiritual, emotional, and business savvy. However, I support my clients with the right balance of push and support to keep them hitting goal after goal. I’m always in their corner, cheering them to success.

If you’re ready to reach your potential with a business you love, schedule a free Strategy Call with me now. I’ll happily uncover your special talent and help you create the high-ticket offer you need for more money, more time, and more passion in your life.

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