Do you have a dream that calls to you? A dream of being a coach or healer of some type? 

Are you looking for a way to make a positive impact in the world but don’t know where to start?

Do you have a passionate desire to help others and serve, but are hesitant to take that first step – fearful of giving up your current source of income?

That fear is somewhat understandable. Based on numbers from the International Coach Federation (ICF), and conversations with people in the industry, it seems that only around 10% are making $10k/month or more, with about 20% earning $5k/month or more. While exact figures are not available, I’m willing to bet that the percentage who are actually thriving – those exceeding 20k/month is even lower, possibly even in the single digits.

The alternative healing and therapy industry has an added difficulty – there is, to the best of my knowledge, no regulatory body to manage the industry. I can’t imagine that the numbers in that industry would be any better, though without an organization to gather accurate data, it’s nearly impossible to know for sure.

When you realize how much people have invested in coaching and alternative health certifications and training, only to end up making less than they would in a regular job, it makes one wonder just why anyone would follow such a path in the first place.

The Trouble with Gurus

Of course, there are people who look at these struggling coaches and healers and see only opportunities. These are the gurus – self-proclaimed experts armed with one-size-fits-all, “fool-proof” strategies and programs that contain big claims and even bigger price tags.

The process they use to sell these “solutions” is familiar enough: The lure of the free report, followed by a $7 PDF, the $27 upsell, the $197 upsell, shifting to a $47/mo membership of some kind, then a webinar, culminating in a several thousand dollar “VIP” program – only for those who are serious about success.

Then there are the experts who insist that you need to have (at minimum):

– A podcast.

– A presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and who knows what else.

– Thousands of followers on those platforms. 

– A blog.

– Regular speaking gigs.

– A New York Times best seller.

– Referrals…

And then MAYBE you’ll get clients. By the time you finally land your first client, you’re exhausted and questioning if you have what it takes to succeed.

It would be unfair and inaccurate to suggest that these gurus and experts are all incompetent, or that they’re all trying to profit from the struggles of others. No doubt many truly believe that their particular strategy is a “magic bullet” that will unlock the secrets of business success. The difficulty is, one-size-fits-all programs simply don’t work for everyone and every scenario.

The Hard Way was the Right Choice

When I began my journey to be a coach, I found myself wondering why I needed special strategies or thousands of followers. I asked myself, “Every day I’m helping people, so why can’t I do JUST that?”

Looking back, I think I was lucky. Since I wasn’t interested in the endless (and often conflicting) advice of the gurus, I ended up struggling to find my own way. After 7 years of going in circles and over $100k investing in my growth and my business, things finally clicked, and I understood why the hard way was the right choice. 

I had to come up with an easier way to achieve success – one that was more reliable and FAR less time intensive.

One of the things I realized early on was the importance of surrounding oneself with like-minded people who speak your language; people who travel the same path to freedom through a soul-driven business. In my free Facebook Group. “Business Women on Fire: Your Signature Business Quest,” you’re invited to grow your relationship with money and build a business you love with 1000+ women like you on the same path. 

With regular live chats, tips and discussions, you’ll find out how to create a blissful business that expresses who you are and manifests the abundance you deserve – because you CAN have a spiritual business without sacrificing your soul. Join us today!

Laura Hurubaru

Laura Hurubaru

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