It’s one of the worst pieces of advice anyone can give a new entrepreneur: 

“You need to be on as many social media platforms as possible so you don’t miss potential clients!”

You’ll often hear such advice from gurus and experts who will convince you that it’s the only path to real success. It sounds oddly plausible – the more places your business is exposed to, the more likely people will find you right? The reality is… no they probably won’t.

By the Numbers

Consider this: The most effort we can give to anything is 100%.

For simplicity’s sake, let’s say that you wanted to give 100% of your attention to your social media efforts. Fair enough, but what happens if you spread your 100% across 5 different platforms?

You get 20% effort, focus, brain power and energy across each platform. You end up getting mediocre results because you’re putting in mediocre effort.

It’s a trap. You think you’re on the right track to building a wildly successful business, but the result is that the actual growth doesn’t match your efforts. You end up feeling stuck, frustrated, or worse, burnt out and ready to quit.

One of a Kind

The solution is simple, if seemingly counter-intuitive. Focus your efforts on just one platform. Yes, just one. 

By focusing your efforts in one area, you’ll be able to create momentum. You’ll begin to master the ins and outs of that platform. Confining yourself to one platform will also mean less work around content – posting to multiple platforms means reconfiguring content to best fit each one, a time consuming process in and of itself.

Selecting the one place where you’ll focus your efforts will seem difficult at first. Which is best? Facebook? Instagram? However, if you’ve done your homework and researched your ideal clients, you probably know where they tend to congregate most. Alternatively, you can choose the platform you’re most comfortable with as a first outing.

Remember that this platform doesn’t have to be your home forever. After a few months, consider switching things up (especially if you have new insights into your ideal client’s preferred platform) and repeat the process on the new platform.

When in doubt, Facebook is a good default position. It has a huge and diverse user base and the popularity of Groups and livestreams offer plenty of opportunities to engage with your audience.

Eventually, the time will come when you’ll be able to hire employees to manage certain tasks or platforms for you. Let me assure you that behind many of the most successful businesses you see online is a team of specialists managing one or a small set of tasks.

The important thing is to be consistent with your posting. If you aren’t seeing a lot of traction, you’ll be able to switch up in a couple of months anyway. No matter what results you get, you’ll gain much-needed experience that you can leverage on other platforms. 

The point is to get out there and start sharing your gifts with the world!

If you still find yourself a little confused, overwhelmed or frustrated schedule a free Purpose Call with me. We’ll discuss your skills and talents, and the one solution you can offer that sets you apart from everyone else.

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Laura Hurubaru

Laura Hurubaru

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