Struggling to work on your biz as a busy mom?
It’s no wonder. Life gets pretty overwhelming when you’ve basically given yourself 3 jobs: a full-time job, a business and being a mom.

That’s a heck of a lot to take in.
But it’s not impossible. If your dream of running a thriving, soul-driven business is getting stalled, you sometimes need a little push. The right motivation will keep you moving so you’re fulfilled, happy and successful– giving your family everything in life they deserve.
Let’s get into it.

So many moms wish they could work from home but can’t quite seem to figure out how to get there. It can be tough to find extra time for anything besides the kids, home duties and work. By the time you finish your day job, pick up the rascals, make dinner, and wash up, you barely have the energy to finish an episode of Friends on Netflix.

Especially if you’re still not sure what you want to do with your side hustle. And it makes sense. Why bother taking time away from your partner and kids if it doesn’t speak to your passion? 

These strategies will help you push through, and find time to work on (or start) a side hustle and ultimately make it your full-time income.

Mom-preneur Strategy #1: Podcasts

Ok, so I love podcasts. Like a lot. And they’re amazing to listen to doing chores or commuting into work. You’ll feel productive instead of stark-raving mad that traffic is slow. Try it! It works wonders.

Plus, podcasts have totally blown up. There are literally thousands of them for every type of listener. From autobiographical stories, personal development, business help, how-tos and more, you’ll be revved up and inspired to work on your business.

And many are from moms just like you– amazing women with a passion-filled business that not only replaces their job income — it completely changes their life. 

Try the Pursuit with Purpose by Melyssa Griffin or the Entrepreneur On a Dime with Amy and Kristin. Both of these podcasts focus on change and pursuing your dreams. They’re full of talk that’ll keep you pushing through the day and excited to work on your biz.

Not really into podcasts? Then join a group of like-minded women who speak your language like my FREE Facebook Group: Business Women On Fire so you can bounce ideas, get fired up and stay motivated. It’s full of live chats, videos and discussions to help you create a profitable soul-driven business you love.

Mom-preneur Strategy#2: Finding Your Why

Hustling is hard. That’s why it’s called hustle. I remember playing volleyball in school and “good hustle” was a compliment to those that ran the fastest and tried the hardest. 

It isn’t for people who go to bed early and sleep-in every chance they get. Hustle as a mom-aspiring-to-be-an-entrepreneur looks like this:

  • Put the kids to bed

  • Open the laptop

  • Work on your business. Do NOT turn on Netflix! 

  • Work more on your lunch break at work instead of chit chatting the hour away.

  • Get up extra early on the weekends to work on your business 

Ugh– sounds hard, right? That’s because it is, if you don’t set your business up the right way.

Being a mom and a wife while having a full-time job is already hard enough. But you really want to be your own boss with a business that works for you

If you don’t, then when life gets crazy (and it will), your side hustle will likely be the first thing to go. And sometimes life can get so hectic that you may even lose sight of why you’re doing this side hustle at all.

The thing that’s going to keep you zeroed in and on track?

Finding your true purpose. Finding your ‘Why’  

So how do you even figure out your “why”? 

Step #1? Evaluate your life.

Is there something you’re missing out on that working from home would allow you to change? It could be your kids, traveling or simply being your own boss.

For me, it was all of them. I really don’t like being told what to do all the time. I’ve got ideas and opinions and I want them heard. I’ve got creativity that needs to be expressed how I see fit.

And honestly, I just wanted to be the boss. I didn’t want to start over every month, earning from zero while listening to incompetent middle-managers. On top of that, I wanted to raise my twins myself, and make time for my spiritual disciplines.

So ask yourself this: What is my biggest reason for wanting to work for myself?

You know you’ve nailed it when your reason makes you yearn for it to be real. The immense desire for that life will overwhelm you with motivation and drive. That’s the kind of “why” you want.

Once you’ve figured it out in 1-2 sentences, put it somewhere you’ll see it whenever you need to be reminded. Heck, set up a daily reminder on your phone to have it pop up and tell you why you’re doing this. Put a sticky note on your fridge. Frame it above your workstation. Put it wherever it works– do whatever it takes to remember your “why”. 

Because this entrepreneur thing is hard.

Working long nights after the kids have gone to bed will eventually get to you and in those moments you’ll need to revisit to your “why” to keep you going. Just remember; you may be sacrificing now but it’s so you can live the high life with your family later. Missed time with the kids now will yield so many hours to be with them later– hours where you’re happy, giving them their hearts desire.

Mom-preneur Strategy #3: Get Help!

You’re a dynamo– and you do it all. But every good athlete, musician, and writer became great with a coach.  Here’s why:

  • Having mentorship maximises your potential
  • You accomplish your goals and dreams faster than you ever thought possible
  • You have someone with you to support you, motivate you and challenge you when your focus blurs
  • A great coach shows you the path to success and the obstacles to avoid (saving you  stress, heartache and a lot of money)

And during those long nights of work on your side hustle, when your daughter has the sniffles, your husband is being difficult, and facing work the next day seems impossible — your coach can put your ‘why’ into perspective. They’ll help you jump the hurdles and get you closer to the life you want.

Unfortunately, most women skip this crucial step. They feel guilty if they “take” money away from their family to invest in a business coach. 

But it’s like the oxygen mask on a plane. You can’t help anyone unless you help yourself first. If you’re unhappy and unfulfilled, it’s not like missing work. It’s worse– that negativity and dissatisfaction from not fulfilling your purpose will eat away at you. And eventually burnout, depression or anxiety will take YOU away from their wife and mom.

Fill your cup so you can give to others. Seek out a coach who’s aligned with your vision, heart and spirit. It might cost you $10000 now, but the cost to your family will be infinitely bigger if you’re not there for them fully and completely.

Plus, your coach will help you achieve your goals so you don’t just make that $10000 back, you 2X, 5X, even 10X it faster than you ever imagined.

Tell me what adding 10k at your bottom line every month will unleash in your life? What could you do starting next month, that you can’t do right now, just because you took the leap of faith and allowed yourself to receive 10k for your services?

Are you ready to make it happen? Schedule a FREE Strategy Call with me now, while they are still available.
We’ll find your superpower and package it into a lucrative offer that kick starts your business to wild success– and the life you want to give your family will be closer than ever.

Keep working hard, Momma. You’ll get your business humming eventually. You just have to stay focused on your “why,” get help and keep moving forward…

Laura Hurubaru

Laura Hurubaru

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