Ever heard that “we’re afraid of failure but petrified of success?”

 How true is that for you? 

 Ever felt guilty for being the smartest, most creative or talented woman in your family or circle of friends? Ever had the best time of your life– only to ruin it with crappy, negative thoughts? Ever said, “Nah, that’s not true” to a compliment or just ignored it? 

 If yes, you need to read on, because you’re boxing-in yourself and limiting your power.


Imagine a map with two parallel highways. In between those two highways is your life– your friends, family, job, habits and thought-patterns. Everyday, you travel between those two highways, on pathways, roads and streets. You never go near those highways because you’re afraid of the speed traffic travels.

And the moment you get close to these highways, your ego or subconscious freaks out. It’s out of the norm. You’ve gotten so used to navigating your life without using these highways, that you shake in your boots just hearing the roar of the traffic. 

So when we hit these highways (box-in beliefs), meaning when we achieve success, happiness or abundance, our ego/subconscious bumps us back to the space where we’re comfortable— our comfort zone– by giving us negative thoughts or behaviours that ruin our achievements. Stuff like blowing the dough after winning the lottery, getting nasty with your partner after success or thinking negative things when you’re happy. 

Most of us aren’t ready to embrace joy, love or %100 happiness. We say we want to be happy, abundant, healthy and empowered but we’re still doing the same ol’ things that hold us back– because we don’t believe it’s possible. We have box-in beliefs.



I started out as a programmer because I love learning and creative problem-solving. I became a successful corporate team leader, because I can see where people fit from multiple perspectives. I’m also flowing with ideas, love energy healing and see the sacred in everyday life. So when I decided to become a Fast Results Strategist and Coach, I combined my gifts into a superpower that combines everything which comes from within. 

“We need to start with self before we conquer the world” 

We use patterns to clarify what steps to take with our biz and life. And when you look closely, you might notice something weird. You might have all the right stuff but your bank account looks slim. You might be uber-successful but your relationship is on the rocks. Or maybe you’ve become a celeb in your market but you start sabotaging yourself with tacky Instagram posts. Maybe you’ve won an award but now you’re depressed. There are countless examples– do you relate? Do you see similar patterns in your life? Are they manifesting NOW? Read on 👇



Fear comes from the part of us that wants protection and recognition. We want safety from being judged or criticized. However, once you make a commitment to live in your highest potential, you can let those fears go. They no longer serve you. 

But don’t be surprised if your ego wigs out with the fear of the unknown. The ego has never been to unknown territories– and she hates surprises! She’s actually a real control-freak. That’s why it’s crucial to go all in on fulfilling your highest potential. It’s the only way to banish fear, tap into your creative genius and unleash your superpower.
And have someone to hold the space and help you navigate with grace and ease!


Remember the two highways running parallel on your map of life? It’s also a visualization of your internal thermostat that decides how much of love, success, wealth and health you can have. The problem is, that thermostat is usually programmed when you’re young by your parents, friends, teachers and environment. Yep, this stuff goes deep.

For example; let’s say you grew up around the rich and fabulous (like buy-an-island-in-cash kind of rich). But, these people were unhappy, bitchy and rude because the husbands were cheaters, the wives were materialistic and the kids were bonkers. How good do you think you’d be at making (and keeping) money? If you’ve been taught that mo’ money = mo’ problems, your ego will keep you broke to protect your safety and happiness.



How often do you say to yourself, “OMG, I’ll be soooo happy when I get more clients, more money, a better partner, cooler friends, etc.” 

And even though we tell ourselves this, many of us have the box-in belief that the happiest people are those with little in life. So when we do have money, love or success, our internal thermostat goes bananas, “MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Abort this mission. We don’t deserve this!” 

Or Maybe your friends don’t make the kind of money you do and you feel guilty. Perhaps you’re an energy healer or have a spiritual biz and believe it’s not “sacred” to make piles of money. Maybe you grew up in a broken family and feel guilty you have an awesome partner when your parents are miserable. These are all box-in beliefs that keep you from creating a thriving biz that gives you the freedom and lifestyle you want.

So when we don’t understand box-in beliefs (and how they hurt us), it’s easy to believe that we’re not good enough, we’re broken, flawed and don’t deserve the best that life has to offer.

The truth is, you’re perfect exactly as you are right now. You’re divine spirit having a human experience– and it’s your human ego that’s holding you back. 



Know what’s common with Box-in Beliefs? Manifesting physical obstacles to your success. Think about it: How often do you have something big coming up and suddenly you’re sniffling with a cold, stuck with a sore throat, or fighting a throbbing migraine? 

The mind and body are interconnected. What the mind conceives the body achieves. So when we box-in our minds with limiting beliefs, the body creates things to keep us safe in our comfort zone. Ugh. So annoying, right?! But look how powerful you are!

So next time when you fall sick, think again – what greatness are you blocking from life

It even happens to celebs. How many stars have you seen box themselves in once they achieve fame or influence? Maybe they commit DUIs, get caught with drugs, embarrass themselves, or cheat on their partners. Some of them have deep-seated box-in beliefs about success. Others feel guilty that money is easystreet for them while it’s an uphill battle for everyone else.

So what’s not working in your biz or life? What have you been blaming rather than looking within? Where are you blocking yourself right now that’s stopping you from achieving the lifestyle of freedom you want?

And don’t get frustrated if you can’t see your box-in beliefs clearly. Just like your superpower, your box-in beliefs are so ingrained that it’s nearly impossible to see for yourself. 

A brain surgeon can never perform brain surgery on herself no matter how brilliant she is. That’s why you should schedule a FREE Strategy Call with me while they are still free.

I can see where you fit on the macro and micro levels— I see your superpower from multiple perspectives. I can laser in on your greatest potential which you’re not seeing and help you package it into a lucrative offer that ignites your biz to 6-figures– if you’re box-in beliefs are let go.

In the corporate world, I created successful teams because I could clearly see where people fit; but I also saw where the team fits, where department fits, where the bottom line and customer fits in relation to the individual.

Just like the cogs of a wheel,  I can see where the gaps are– no matter how small– I know where you fit so you’re fired up and run your biz like a well-oiled machine.

It doesn’t matter how small the wheel is. It doesn’t matter how insignificant you think your contribution can be (which is a box-in belief); if the tiniest wheel is broken or missing, it won’t work.

You know you’re a valuable diamond. You know you have something remarkable to offer! It’s about time you CLAIM it NOW! I have your back Goddess! ❤️

Laura Hurubaru

Laura Hurubaru

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