“You won’t get anywhere unless you focus on one area at a time.”

Ugh- how many times have you heard this adage? It doesn’t make sense! It’s like you can’t love science and dancing at the same time– or even find a way to combine them. Imagine someone who helps dancers maximize their potential by using science-backed theory. According to mainstream thought, this couldn’t be done!

And the sad thing is, most people are living their lives and careers this way.

As human beings, we’re multidimensional. Like prisms, we contain multiple sides reflecting differently depending on the light. When you’ve awakened and want to kindle your true self through a soul-driven business, you need to use all of your talents. You must express the fullness of your passions.

I believe that God/Source/Universe is Intelligent. It didn’t create a complex being like us to use a sliver of our gifts and abilities. When you see a tree, it doesn’t grow branches on one side– branches grow everywhere to reap the benefits that life has to offer. That’s how they become masters at growing, blooming, and blossoming. We’re no different.

And neither is your business which is an extension and expression of you. That’s why if you’re stuck, undecided or confused about your niche or what to offer, you can relax. There’s no need to choose one thing. For example:

My client Annette is a Gemologist who transitioned to coaching. While working with her, I uncovered her True Purpose by combining her skills with gems to coaching clients which set her apart. In her career, she recognised the value of gems and how they create stunning jewellery pieces. Now, she uses her unique skill for business coaching.

How? She helps entrepreneurs discover the “diamonds” inside their businesses and how to use them in marketing, branding, and more. Join her and +1000 more women in my free Facebook Group called Business Women on Fire:  Your Signature Business Quest who are discovering their true purpose.

Imagine if she had only focused on one thing! The clients who resonate with her approach would still be looking for someone with her set of talents!

And you have the same superpower within. You have a special power that can only come from you and the experience, talents and skills you possess. The secret isn’t focusing on one thing– it’s combining your passions into one unique solution to help others.

But sometimes, it’s almost impossible to see the hidden power you have. You need an objective view from someone else to clarify and distil your superpower.

Which is where I come in. My superpower is like an x-ray– it sees all of your gifts, analyzes them, and clarifies your True Purpose. Then, I show you how to package it so it helps as many people as possible and sets you free with a lucrative biz.

And if you are ready for my premium support to get you From Scratch to Cash FAST using your superpower, book a FREE strategy call with me here

You’re more than meets the eye– focus on that!

PS: If you haven’t done it yet, download my FREE Signature Business Guide. It contains my unique process to help you get there on your own, and it’s the first step I am taking my 1×1 clients through in my From Scratch to Cash Fast 1×1 Coaching and Mentoring Program.


Laura Hurubaru

Laura Hurubaru

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