Part 1: What Is Your Superpower, Anyway?

This is the first entry in a four-part series about finding, cultivating, and sharing your superpower so you can build a thriving, soul-driven business you love.

Whenever I watched marketing and business gurus I heard the same ol’ thing. “You have to focus on one thing to be successful. You have to be the Queen of that thing and then you’ll hit payday with your biz.” 

And I tried! I really did. But you know what happened? Everytime I tried to choose one gift, one passion, one superpower to build a business around, I got stuck. I couldn’t choose– and I spent years going in circles, trying to find “my thing.”

You see, I’m one of those people with a lot of irons in the fire. For a long time, I found myself wishing that I could divide my life into 3 chunks; I wanted to spend 4 months brainstorming ideas, 4 months energy healing, and 4 months learning something completely new. And nothing was working. I was left pursuing ALL of my passions, AND trying to earn income with a side hustle.

The world said, “Pick one thing and do it well.” But my whole being said, “How can I choose?!?!”

A little over a year ago, I was having a meltdown about my multi-passionate career conundrum. After years in the corporate world, I knew I wanted to be my own boss. But I didn’t want to throw all my gifts out the window. I knew that the skills I picked up programming and creating successful teams had value– I had certain talents that no one else had.

As a team leader, the teams I created were always successful. And I attribute that success to my ability to see people differently.  I can intuitively see where people fit from multiple perspectives, and I would hire staff not just for their skills, but for diverse attitudes, personalities, characteristics and profiles.

Not everyone on a successful tech team is a geek– you need people who are creative, happy, spontaneous, and funny for the team to gel so it achieves brilliance. 

And that’s exactly how I hired people– for their unique personality profiles, and how that profile fit with the rest of the team. I knew that skill can be taught– but chemistry is magic. And that magic took my teams to unstoppable success.

But eventually, I was going crazy in the corporate environment. I wasn’t recognized for my talents and upper-management didn’t know how to manage creative and emotional people like me. 

But, by that time it didn’t matter. I didn’t want to climb the company ladder. And I refused to spend 15 years getting white hair to finally do what I want. I wanted to be my own boss and I started freelancing, consulting and learning about leadership.

But it wasn’t easy. No way, no how! I had so many ideas, but I couldn’t wrangle them into a business that made sense.

I didn’t know how to cobble together a meaningful career that felt empowering, challenging, and creative, but was also financially lucrative. I was also a mom of two twins at this time, and the idea of replacing my income with a home-based business was pretty darn attractive. I wanted to be home and available to my husband and kids, but still make great money. Who doesn’t?!

I also wanted to give value to people that didn’t already exist. And it hit me– maybe someone out there would buy my ideas! I eventually pitched one of my ideas and I sold it for 10, 000 pounds plus royalties. Woohoo!

That’s when I knew I had found my superpower. I have so many ideas, and I could coach people who struggled with ideas of their own. I could help them see the natural talents they have and package it into a program that leads to a profitable online business.


At first I had a minor panic attack about how I had just added YET ANOTHER passion to my bag of tricks. I realized quickly, though, that coaching isn’t an isolated passion. It runs into all the other aspects of my creative self. And there’s a lot of mental crossover between finding and placing the unique gifts of my corporate staff and uncovering the hidden talents of clients.  

And did I mention that it pays? I’m no Marie Forleo, but unlike my programming job or leading teams, there is a more direct relationship between how much work and dedication I put into my coaching biz and how much financial payoff I get out of it.

As in I can count in $1000s not $1s…

And you can too– if you let go of the idea of choosing one thing to focus on. Your superpower isn’t just one thing in your present skillset. Your superpower brings all your creative aspects together into one unique strength that no one else has, no one can copy and no one can take away.

No matter how little you think your contribution is. And I know, because I’m reporting from the other side. 

So before you pull your hair out trying to figure out your superpower, ask yourself, 

  • What do people seek me out for? 
  • What do they say I’m good at?
  • If I look at my life like a movie, what’s the story of the heroine? What challenges did she face and how did she get past them?
  • What activity do I do where the hours fly by without notice?

 And continue digging deeper with this free guide. Inside, you’ll go on a business quest to find your superpower, by combining your experiences, skills and gifts into an awesome force to serve the world.

Because you won’t find your superpower easily. It isn’t obvious. You might not even be aware of it. Your superpower is something that comes so naturally to you that it’s second-nature. You do it effortlessly. That’s why you need a different lens to see it clearly.

If you’re tired of trying to find it, and you want my superpower to help, schedule a free Call with me here. In a totally safe space, we’ll discuss your gifts, your ideas, and your experiences so you can create a thriving business you love.

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Laura Hurubaru

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