Part 4: What If I Don’t Have a Superpower?

This is the fourth and final entry in my series about finding, cultivating, and sharing your superpower so you can build a thriving, soul-driven business you love.

What if I don’t have a superpower? This is a question I hear from time to time from women who genuinely believe that there’s “nothing special” about them. As I’ve indicated throughout this series, discovering your superpower – your purpose, your true calling – is not always easy. Often it’s quite well hidden beneath societal norms, disempowering beliefs and false assumptions. A lifetime of ignoring what your heart is telling you can be very difficult to overcome. Despite all this, one thing remains true:

You DO have a superpower, even if you’re not consciously aware of it.

Not only do you have a superpower, but you may be using it nearly every day of your life! Let me explain.

In the desert of southern Peru, there are trenches carved into the hills. They’re very shallow, maybe 20cm deep, but go on for long distances. There’s no way to know what they’re for…

…until you see them from the air.

That’s when you discover that these “trenches” are lines that make up gigantic images – images that can only be seen from the air. They’re called Nazca lines or “geoglyphs,” and are believed to have been carved into the hillsides by the ancient Nazca people – though no one is entirely sure why. There are hundreds of them, including a spider, a monkey, a tree and even a man.

The point of this is, you could live your entire life around these lines – seeing them every day until they blended into the background of life – without ever realizing they made up beautiful shapes and images.

You were too close to them.

It’s much the same with your superpower. It’s such a natural part of you, you fail to take note of it at all. It’s become blended into the background of your life, like the Nazca lines to a desert dweller.

If you’ve ever seen a friend do something amazing, and when you remarked upon it, they replied with genuine surprise, “Can’t everyone do that?” it’s entirely possible you’re seeing this person’s superpower in action.

So how do you discover your superpower when it’s so deeply ingrained? You can, of course, undergo your own journey of discovery, but an even more effective way to do it is by getting expert help.

In the same way that seeing the Nazca geoglyphs for what they really are requires the help of a pilot, I can help you get an “overhead” view of your life’s journey. I can provide a new lens through which I can see what you’re meant to do and how you can package it into a business that sets you free.

Through this process, I can help you find clarity on:

  • What you naturally gravitate towards and love – which in turn reveals your true purpose.
  • How to turn that passion and purpose into a solution that helps others.
  • How to package your solution into a lucrative offer that sells.
  • How to tweak the offer so it delivers incredible value to your target market.
  • Marketing the program so it’s irresistible to those who need it.

There are two ways you can begin this journey. If you haven’t already done so, download a copy of my free guide. Inside, you’ll uncover the various pieces to your unique puzzle – the one that reveals your superpower.

Your other option is to take advantage of MY superpower and let me help you along this amazing path of self-discovery. If you’d like to take that route, please schedule a free Call with me. We’ll work together, in a totally safe space, to discover your gifts, ideas, and experiences to help you create a thriving business you love.

Whichever path you choose, please know that you DO have a purpose, a superpower, a true calling. You have something truly unique to offer the world, and unleashing it can provide you with the means to live a life full of success, fulfillment, and freedom.

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Laura Hurubaru

Laura Hurubaru

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