You’ve hit the jackpot. You have a career you love, and you’re good at it. You wake up excited to face the challenges ahead and brainstorm solutions in the shower. This job fuels your passion and you’re mastering your skills every day. It feels like a dream come true.

But lately, something’s changed– you’re not feeling the same accomplishment or fulfilment anymore. When the alarm clock rings, dread creeps into your thoughts and you’re starting to crave more freedom.  You wonder,”Is this it? Is this what life’s really about?

You still love the work, but you’ve started to wonder what life would look like if you were free from the 9-5 grind. With so many people making the switch to online entrepreneurship, being your own boss sounds pretty good. And as a highly accomplished woman, you could turn your skills into a lucrative business. But is it worth it? Or would this become another trap where you end up working more for less?

And what is it about the job you love that’s encouraging this change? Let’s explore 4 reasons you might be hating your job and wanting your own biz:

You’re Underappreciated

Nothing steals the satisfaction from a job faster than underappreciation or no appreciation at all. Whether you’re a high-powered lawyer, a museum director or an IT project manager, being recognized for your hard work, quick-thinking and follow-through is important. Employee recognition isn’t just about ego-stroking, it’s proven to boost productivity and motivation. And when your co-workers or boss aren’t grateful for your brilliance, the twinkle for the job fizzles out.

Your Creativity Is Stifled

No matter what industry you work in, creativity is needed for hard-to-find solutions. Seeing things from a different perspective is a gift– and it’s often overlooked. Many office cultures value micromanagement above creative thought, especially if you work in a male-dominated industry. Despite giving your team a creative solution that works, they shoot you down with a million reasons why it’ll fail. Then they go back to same ol’ process that gets the same results.

Ugh! If you’re not given the space to flex your creative muscles, it can be frustrating because your process isn’t respected or encouraged. Unfortunately, many women give up their creative vision and problem-solving to fit in with the office culture, making the job unbearable.

You’re Outshining Everyone

If you’re good at what you do and love it, people notice. And not everyone is happy about it. If you’re talented, skilled and smart, you could be outperforming people around you which makes others resentful and nervous (especially when you’re a woman). If your colleagues or bosses are worried that you’re too good at your job they may be holding you back. Many people will sabotage your success if they think you make them look bad.

It might not be obvious, but you may be picking up subconscious signals from people who want you to fail– which stamps out your passion for a job you love.

You’re Hearing a Greater Calling

Chances are that in order for you to reach this level of success you’ve worked hard on yourself. You’ve had so much coaching, mentoring, training.

You’ve come to realise how huge of an impact they had on you as a person and you feel that you must share it with other people as well…

Past the bonuses and the raises, changing someone’s life, making a difference in the world becomes more important at this stage in your life.

Do any of these sound familiar? If they do, you might be ready to call it quits. Before you do, it’s important to explore your options. Are there other companies you could work for with positive work cultures? Or will you be faced with the same problems you’re currently dealing with now? Can you find a solution– even a temporary one? Can the current job be a platform for you starting to make a bigger difference right now?

Before you make any decision remember this– you’re amazing. You’re an accomplished, talented, and intelligent woman with the world to offer. Launching your own soul-driven business could be the answer you seek. When you have a business that expresses your passions, you don’t have to worry about office culture– you get to create the perfect environment for you!

You get to be YOU. The whole you. There’s no tiptoeing around other people’s egos or agendas. There’s no politics. Everything is straight up and clear under your leadership. And everyone feels appreciated and valued, because you know how it feels to be treated that way.

And you’re not alone. There are +1500 women just like you in my free Facebook Group called Business Women on Fire:  Your Signature Business Quest where they’re discovering their true purpose and turning it into a lucrative business.

Because you have a true purpose too– something unique that others are looking for. Your collection of knowledge, skills and experience position you to help people in a way that no one else can, and you can make a good living doing it too!

While entrepreneurship isn’t easy, it’s incredibly rewarding and it gives you the freedom to express your passion and creativity however you see fit. But don’t worry if you don’t know your purpose just yet– that’s my specialty!

I’ve got a special skill set that sees how your abilities combine into a solution that is the foundation of a lucrative business. A business that lights your fire and gives you the creativity and freedom you crave.

When you schedule a FREE Strategy Call with me, we’ll discuss your talents, work history, skills and interests. It’s all about you– and there’s no obligation. It’s just a conversation to bounce ideas together. It’s like having a new friend! And at the end, you’ll have clarity so you’ll know what to do, no matter the path you take. Ready to reignite your passion? Post in the comments bellow! ❤️❤️❤️

Laura Hurubaru

Laura Hurubaru

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