“Wow, she’s filthy rich.”

“I can’t believe he’s charging that much for Reiki healing! That’s not cool at all.”

“Money is bad. Spiritual people are above the desire for wealth.” 

How many times have you heard yourself say similar things (or thought them)? If you’re a spiritual practitioner or run a healing business, you’ve probably heard this a lot. Throughout the healing and spiritual communities, money is a touchy subject.

And we tell ourselves it’s wrong to want material things.

Except, deep down inside most of us want the gifts that abundance brings; gifts like freedom, creativity, and yes, happiness. But because this limiting belief is still embedded deep down inside the subconscious mind, the treasures of abundance stay out of your reach.

 Money Is Energy

We live in a vibrational universe with countless dimensions and you’re a vibrational, multidimensional being. If you zoom in close enough, your cells vibrate as a wavelength– everything does– it’s just moving energy.

And money is no different. We have the ability to open up and be conduits to the energy of money just like you do when you’re using Reiki or Angel energy to help your clients. When you really examine it, money is nothing– it’s just paper or plastic backed by a value we collectively assign to it.

But we’ve decided to believe that it’s a stored energy that takes hard work and luck to manifest. Or, we’re brought up to see money as good or bad when it has no such meaning at all. And when we think money is bad (even slightly), we have a difficult time creating abundance. That’s why so many healers struggle with financial freedom.

Money’s Big Secret

Deep at its core, money is a symbol of giving and receiving. In Native American tribes, the shaman was the spiritual leader of the people and the tribe took care of the shaman. The tribe members didn’t have to pay the shaman for spiritual teachings because the tribe provided food and shelter. They could completely focus on their spirituality. 

This isn’t how our world works anymore. For spiritual teachers to be taken care of, there needs to be a balance of giving and receiving. Today, healers do this by offering services for money rather than offering services for free.  You’re not given food and shelter for the work that you do.

Sometimes people say that you shouldn’t charge for spiritual services. It should be free. I understand where that belief comes from, but the key is balancing the energy of giving and receiving. And we do this through the symbol of money. That’s the secret that money holds– neither you or your client gets the full benefit of the arrangement without the energy of giving and receiving.

Consciously Creating The Wealth You Deserve

When money is created and used consciously, it mixes beautifully with spirituality. It’s just another way to express the abundant nature of your spirit and soul. As a spiritual, creative being, you’re naturally abundant– you’re already wealthy! 

Your spirit is the truest sense of YOU– it is perfect. It holds peace, love, light, fulfilment, and happiness. How could that ever be aligned with being poor? It’s simply your thoughts and beliefs that tell you that money isn’t spiritual. It’s these beliefs that inspire guilt when you want or have it.

Get In Flow With Money

Money (the energy of giving and receiving) flows like water. When water flows, it’s clear, clean and sparkling. When it’s blocked or stagnate it begins to dry up and what’s left becomes murky. 

Your business is the same. The money you charge for services isn’t just to make your life better– it helps you reach more people and serve at a bigger capacity. It gives you the means to upgrade your tools, market your services, and become a bigger force for healing, love and light in the world. And the cycle continues as abundance flows to your business through you to the people you help.

Be The Conduit For Money

The goal isn’t to have a bucket of money to hoard and carry with you. It’s about letting it flow into every area of your life. That’s why consciously creating money, using it mindfully and spending it with care is an exercise in spiritual growth. 

But knowing these things and transforming your beliefs doesn’t happen in an instant. That’s why it’s crucial to surround yourself with like-minded people who speak your language; people on the same path to freedom through a soul-driven business. In my free Facebook Group called Business Women on Fire:  Your Signature Business Quest, you’re invited to grow your relationship with money and build a business you love with 1000+ women like you on the same path. 

With regular live chats, tips and discussions, you’ll find out how to create a blissful business that expresses who you are and manifests the abundance you deserve– because you CAN have a spiritual business without sacrificing your soul.

And if you’d prefer a faster path to freedom and abundance, schedule a FREE Strategy Call with me here. You’ll expand your true essence and discover how to package it into a lucrative signature business program that makes an impact on the world (and your wallet).

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