Part 3: What Can You Do With Your Superpower?

This is the third entry in my four-part series about finding, cultivating, and sharing your superpower so you can build a thriving, soul-driven business you love.

So you’ve discovered your superpower – you’ve taken stock of your background and the abilities, characteristics and knowledge you’ve accumulated throughout your life. You identified (or at least, you’ve found clues to) a common theme that connects them all. You’ve even courageously explored areas that you’ve struggled with, some quality you were told you had “too much” of, in the hopes that within could be found the seeds of your true superpower.

All of this self-inventory and exploration has led to the discovery of your unique superpower.

But that leads to a new question: What can you do with it? How can you use your superpower to serve others and set yourself free?

I had struggled at the beginning of my journey trying to follow the advice of the experts – to focus on one thing and become brilliant at it. I just couldn’t focus on one thing. I had been gifted with an overabundance of ideas, but no outlet for expressing them – or so I thought.

When I made the decision to start my own online business and create an outlet for my ideas – that’s when I realised I was slowly coming into my power and wielding it to make a difference in people’s lives.

Watching something that was once just an idea in your mind take shape in the real world is incredibly empowering. It’s more than a feeling of accomplishment, it feels absolutely right, like you’re fulfilling your destiny in some way.

I applied my creative problem-solving skills and talent in recognising complex patterns to work in analysing my client’s true purpose. Unlike generic tests and surveys, I realised that I could see my client’s unique heroine’s journey and pinpoint their exact purpose – their true calling, and then turn it into a business that would bring them joy and abundance. That’s my unique talent and it’s the reason I’m able to share this knowledge with you through these articles and my free guide

So the question remains, what can you do with your superpower? You’ve seen how I’ve been able to leverage mine, what about yours?

You almost certainly have the clues to how you can leverage your superpower into a lucrative business that lights up your soul and serves others already. 

Let’s say you have an eye for layout and design. You’ve always been attracted to colour and texture, and you spend your free time rearranging your living space, experimenting with new patterns and layouts. Perhaps you’ve struggled a little with this natural gift, in that you find it difficult to be in a space that’s badly laid out or lacking in aesthetics. Perhaps you’ve been told you’re “too picky” or “too obsessive about” colour and design. 

It might seem that the obvious path for you would be as an interior designer, but what if you went deeper? Your sense of colour and texture may be much more intuitive than just the ability to follow popular trends. You may have an almost empathic sense of people’s personalities, and can sense how best to design living spaces that give them joy, comfort and security.

You could create a consultant-type business helping homeowners who know nothing about design create spaces that aren’t just beautiful – they are deeply personal. 

You’ve now created a business that solves a problem – helping people better design their living spaces – and also taps into your superpower in a way no one else can – designing a space that is drawn from their own personality and inner selves.

Not only could this be a very successful business, but it allows you to use your own gifts in a way that leaves you feeling fulfilled and empowered. And, it can play on all your strengths, needs and wants. You can be as creative as you want and you get to help other people with your gifts! And you get to choose with whom you work! How amazing is that!?!

Your superpower wasn’t given to you by mistake. It’s a gift that’s meant to be shared with the world.

Interested in digging even deeper into this subject? This free guide can help you do just that. Inside, you’ll embark on a journey of self discovery, uncovering the various pieces to your unique puzzle – the one that reveals your superpower.

Keep in mind that your superpower won’t be easy to find. You do it effortlessly and usually without even realizing it. While it will be a challenge, the result will be a unique combination of experience, knowledge, skills and gifts you can use to empower yourself and serve others.

Alternatively If you’d like to make use of MY superpower, please schedule a free Call with me. We’ll work together, in a totally safe space, to discover your gifts, ideas and experiences to help you create a thriving business you love.

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