It’s tough these days for coaches and healers. Everywhere you turn, gurus tell you to follow their advice for success. They say that you need a website, a blog, a YouTube channel, a Facebook group, an Instagram and Twitter following, a podcast…

Whew– it’s madness! Especially if you’re just starting out. Who’s going to join your groups? Where do you get followers? What do you say? And when you do write blogs and like people’s posts, no one engages. It feels like your website and social media profiles are ghost towns! In the end, it didn’t bring value to anyone…even yourself.

This is when you’re hit with a cold-hard reality; you’re busy, but you’re no closer to landing a client. And you’re confused. How exactly do you attract and enroll clients consistently with all these tools, anyway?

If the gurus say you need to take all these steps, why aren’t they working? What’s the real secret to building a long-lasting and lucrative business you love?

One Is The Smartest Number

Toss what you’ve heard about needing all these platforms to attract clients. Choose just one. At first, it can seem counterproductive; what if you miss out on prospective clients? But you’re actually losing clients by spreading yourself too thin.

When you choose one channel to focus on, you’ll discover how it really works. You’ll build momentum. And that’s when clients start connecting with the unique value you provide. When you’re busy covering your bases with multiple platforms, you can’t master any of them. Instead, choose one channel and stick with it for 90 days. Be consistent with your posts and keep at it! Follow other people who have the success you want on your chosen platform and emulate what they’re doing. Engage with their followers and find out what inspires them so you know what type of content they respond to best.

The Platform Where Your Business Will Grow

It can be hard to buckle down and choose the “right” platform. But if you do a little detective work, you’ll find the best place for you to hang your hat. The trick is to find where your ideal clients hang out most. Is it Instagram? Pinterest? YouTube? Where are they looking for information and engaging with each other? Or, choose the place you’re most comfortable with first.

Facebook can be a great place to start if you’re not sure or your research isn’t clear. Everyone’s already there– and Facebook groups are thriving! Slowly, you’ll discover how to leverage your reach and attract more clients.

Whatever you do, don’t use this part of the process to procrastinate. Make the decision, start posting and tell the world about the special gifts you offer. You only need to be there for 90 days, every day. If it doesn’t gain traction, it’s not a life-long sentence or failure. Whether you close clients or not, the experience you learn from mastering one platform will give you a running start for other channels you try in the future. If you master one channel to get new clients consistently, you’ll be able to turn other platforms into lead generation machines!

It sounds so simple. And despite what gurus say about needing a zillion things, it really is. But if you’re still confused, overwhelmed or frustrated schedule a FREE Purpose Call with me here. We’ll discuss your skills and talents, and the one solution you can offer that sets you apart from everyone else. By the end of the call, you’ll have clarity about attracting clients, packaging a signature program, and growing a wildly profitable business that sets you free. And there’s no obligation! We’ll just chat and get you to the next step that brings you closer to the success you want.

Laura Hurubaru

Laura Hurubaru

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