Navigating Entrepreneurship and Motherhood in the 21st Century

There are few experiences more complex than the journey a woman takes toward motherhood. Physically and emotionally, the effect is profound, beautiful and yes, even a little scary for some.

For a strong, independent and self-reliant woman, the seemingly sudden shift to motherhood can be especially difficult to navigate. Juggling your own needs and those of your children can sometimes feel impossible. These conflicting priorities can even lead to emotional confusion:

“I love my kids, but sometimes… I hate them as well.”

It sounds horrible to use a word such as “hate” in relation to your children, but the emotional upheaval felt by many mothers is very real. Of course, you don’t truly hate your children, it’s the changes their presence brings to your carefully-laid plans that’s the real cause.

It’s almost a cliche to refer to motherhood as a journey, but that is exactly what it is. Like any journey, it’s filled with wrong turns and discoveries, bright moments of revelation and dark periods of confusion. 

Adding to the challenge are the unrealistic expectations – some internal and some external – that we carry into motherhood.

I became aware of one of my unrealistic expectations when I went on vacation after having children. For some reason I had believed that it would be just like previous vacations, where I had plenty of “me-time” to enjoy. 

You can just imagine how that ended!

I surprised myself by having such an unrealistic expectation – of course there would be far less time for myself! However, the more important revelation was that making these discoveries was part of my journey to becoming a mother, and that’s ok. 

We are all human, and every new mother navigates this path in their own unique way. You should never feel guilty for wanting to pursue your dreams, or for the way you feel. 

Many women have been raised with the idea that their life “ends” when they have children. By that I mean, becoming a mother means sacrificing everything you want for the sake of your children. Most of us can probably point to mothers and grandmothers who put their lives and dreams on hold so they could raise a family.

I truly believe that this need not be the case. Sacrificing everything for your kids may seem like the right thing to do, but it’s unhealthy – it can lead to deep feelings of resentment and depression.

When you become a mother, your life doesn’t end… it simply changes shape.

I’m determined to change the overriding belief that we mothers have to give up everything we are so that our kids will have every opportunity.

If anything, being independent and striving for your dreams will INSPIRE your children to do the same.

I believe that we CAN build our dreams and be mothers as well. The internet offers us opportunities our mothers and grandmothers couldn’t have even imagined. 

Don’t accept the societal norms and thinking of past generations.

Don’t give up on yourself and your dreams just because you’ve chosen to be a parent.

Don’t buy into the idea that you have to wait until your kids are grown before you can pursue your dreams.

Acknowledge what it is you truly want from this life in all areas, and then decide you’re going to get it.

Motherhood is a magical, complex, scary and fulfilling chapter in a woman’s life, but it need not push your dreams aside. Success will come from overcoming pressures and limiting beliefs, and making the decision to succeed.

I know from experience that it can be hard to find other mothers/entrepreneurs from which to draw advice and inspiration, and I’d like to help. Schedule a free Purpose Call with me and we’ll work together to discover your gifts, ideas, and experiences to help you create a thriving business you love – one that honours your dreams and will help you create a successful future for your AND your new family.

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