“I want money!”

That’s what I used to think. But there’s something I wanted even more– freedom. All my adult life I dreamed of being my own boss. As I worked as a programmer, surrounded by the jungle of office politics, I would daydream about making my own rules, setting my own hours, and making a pile of money to support my family. But, no matter how many events I went to or the things I tried, I couldn’t get my business off the ground. I was nowhere close to making the revenue I needed to finally quit the 9-5 grind and set myself free.

The Shift That Clarified Everything

But it seemed the harder I pushed to make my independence happen, the more I resisted. And success eluded me. I kept putting the idea of building a lucrative business on the backburner because I thought I needed money to do it right. It was a vicious cycle– I wanted to make money with a business, but I wouldn’t dedicate myself to a business without money. It wasn’t a conscious choice I was making, but it wasn’t “not” a choice either.

Sound familiar?

Things would still be the same today if I hadn’t experienced an internal shift. While still working in the IT industry, I attended an entrepreneur event. My mind was still running the same thought program that said I couldn’t start my own business until I had enough money to quit my job. Then it happened– a lightning bolt hit during one of the exercises and I thought, “If I want to get rich, I need to quit now!”

The Power Of Saying YES!

The voice was clear. It was still and strong and the decision happened instantly. I decided to say, “YES!” I knew I needed to make a plan to quit and tell my partner, Gabi who always told me to have a backup plan before quitting. But I knew the decision was made– I was going to quit and make my business dreams happen.

And I received the most incredible gift when I got home that day. Gabi handed me an envelope, saying it was a present and to open it right away. When I ripped it open I was floored. Inside was my resignation letter! He said we had enough money for me to pursue my dream and I had his full support (which meant everything because that’s when  I would normally be mulling over the best way to tell him the news).

It was a massive decision. Leaving the security of a 6-figure career for “nothing” was nerve-wracking, but I quit and left the next day.

The Gifts Of Being Your Own Boss

Now, I serve you. Although I realised that money is important I know that freedom is priceless. I start my workday at 10:30am, excited to dive into my business. This allows me to engage in my spiritual practices after I’ve dropped off the kids at school. I take a nap in the afternoons due to the intensive spiritual work I do for myself and my clients. Then, I pick up the kids from school, help them with homework, spend time together and then I have more time for my business in the evenings.

Why tell you my story? Because I believe the miracles, support and guidance didn’t come until AFTER I said yes and made my decision. So, if you’re stressed and feel like you’re waiting for the “perfect” time to launch your business or nothing seems to be working, it’s because you still carry doubt; you haven’t made the decision.

Nothing Happens Until You Make The Decision

Once you do, everything lines up for you to take the next step. It sounds cliche, but it’s true. Trust that the Universe has your back and wants you to have what you want. You’re amazing!

Make the decision right now. With it comes immense peace and clarity. And somehow a force will arrive to help you on your way. Make the first step and the rest will follow!

But if you’re still unsure, and you need a little help to make a decision, schedule a FREE Strategy call with me here. We’ll discuss your skills, talents and gifts and the one solution you can offer to launch a fabulous business you love. We’ll find your true purpose and figure out a way to package it into a signature program that serves the world. There’s no obligation, and by the time we’re done, you’ll likely be ready to say YES to the freedom waiting for you on the other side.

Laura Hurubaru

Laura Hurubaru

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