Is there a heartfelt fire within you to help others? Are you driven to leave your mark on this world but don’t know where to start? It’s so hard– especially if you have a successful career. Giving up a secure source of income is scary!

And you should be afraid. As a Business Strategy Coach myself, I know what’s happening in the industry despite gurus saying it’s easy to make millions coaching. So what is happening?

10% of coaches make 10/k or more per month
20% of coaches make 5k or more per month

But what about the other 70%? How much are they making? The numbers are dismal. It’s my educated guess that only 1% of coaches are thriving and that’s just the country average, released by ICF (International Coach Federation). It would be enlightening to see more of the stats, however, it might not benefit ICF to do so.

It’s probably worse for the alternative healing therapy industry. Without a regulated body to collect, manage and release statistics about practitioners, there’s no way to know how profitable most healers are. But it’s likely they’re struggling even more than coaches, scraping by with only $2k/month, if that.

It’s heartbreaking. You’ve put so much energy, time and money into courses and qualifications to do right by your clients, and not seeing a positive return of investment causes talented people to struggle. And it makes perfect sense. To do so much and not even make minimum wage is enraging! Then we all lose because the people, animals, and planet who need your help don’t get it.

The Real Reason Coaching Doesn’t Work

The problem isn’t because you’re not good enough or that your gifts are useless. There are more people who need your help than ever before. The real issue is how coaches and healers are being taught to run their businesses.

Gurus and bigwig coaches are teaching you stuff that only they understand. And these programs might not work for you. Especially if you’re not interested in running your business like a marketing agency with a FREE report, then a $7 pdf, a $27 upsell, a $197 upsell, a $47/mo membership then a webinar, and a $2000 VIP program.

And that’s not enough. You have to sell those products too! They say you need a podcast, thousands of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram followers, a YouTube channel, blog, speaking gigs, New York Time best-selling books, referrals (and extra tools they sell)…

Then, (and only then) MAYBE you’ll get clients. By the time your first client arrives, you’re already exhausted and probably ready to quit.

Toss The Fear And Ditch The Confusing Advice To Succeed

For me, I didn’t want any of that stuff. It felt so damn hard and I didn’t understand why I needed to do all that stuff. I wanted to help people. Why can’t I just…help people?! Eventually, I ditched the misguided advice and found my own way.

But I struggled. For 7 years I made mistakes and jumped hurdles. For the first couple of years, I tried to do the job of 20 people and realised it wouldn’t work– I needed to go back to the drawing board.

It wasn’t easy. I felt like a failure because my business didn’t take off the way I always dreamed it would. My confidence sank and I needed to heal and accept what happened. I had to find out who I truly was.  

That’s when I went back to what I knew and focused on getting results. I knew that when I was fully healed from this setback I would try again, just differently.

Looking back, I can see that this was a journey about finding myself; who I am, what I’m here to do, and what is uniquely “me.” I allowed myself time to explore. When I felt I was ready to launch my business version 2.0, I quit my job (which you can read about here) and began again. The decision to quit gave me momentum, and 6 months later I had a deep insight where everything fell into place.

Suddenly, I had answers. I knew why events unfolded the way they did and the direction my journey was leading.  Finally, after 7 years of spinning my wheels and dropping $100,000 in my personal growth and business, I developed a faster and time effective way to attract clients consistently. I knew what approach to take with my business and my, “Create Your Signature Program” was born.

And everything clicked!

Why You’re The Answer You’re Looking For

I always wanted a business that’s moulded around me; who I am and why I’m here. When I had my profound insight, I made a choice to honour myself the way that I am. This led me to crack the one problem I could solve for my ideal clients, and it highlighted what I missed in my first business attempt. I developed confidence in my vision, and knew why this business would work. And this conviction motivated me to see it come to life.

I wanted to coach, but I also wanted to conceptualize and teach, which didn’t fit the ICF’s rigid definition of coaching. So, instead of trying to cram myself into the ICF box I created something that fit me.  

I understood on a deep level what my talent is– I can read people and see what they don’t in themselves. My superpower is helping others find theirs! And this can’t be outsourced, done with a book or through hundreds of personality tests. Once I grasped how my superpower worked and who it helped, I knew how to package and market it successfully.

Combining my experience, talents, and skills, I created a business that’s an extension of me.  

And your business should be an extension and expression of YOU. You don’t need all those products, upsells, webinars, high-ticket programs, and sales funnels. That stuff comes later– after you’ve discovered your true purpose and the one thing only you can do to help people.

Once you have that, your niche, your ideal client and target market become clear. The program to offer becomes easy to build because you know what they need and how to deliver it. Everything takes shape.

But what if you don’t know what that is? What if there are many things you’d like to offer people? How do you use your fabulous set of skills to make an impact? You’ll find the answers inside my FREE Signature Business Guide here. It’ll help you get clear on your true purpose so you can start to build a business that gives you more money, more time and more passion. It’s the process that I used to set myself free– and I’ve put my process in there for you to follow so your dreams are possible too.

But if you’re ready to leave a mark on the world right now,  schedule a FREE Purpose call with me here. Instead of group coaching calls with hundreds of people or worksheets that don’t reveal anything new, our call together will clarify your next step. We’ll discuss your unique talents and you can combine into a superpower that serves the world. We’ll even talk about how to package it so you can launch a signature offer that kicks off your business and leads you to freedom (without spending years making mistakes like I did). Sound good? Don’t wait!

Laura Hurubaru

Laura Hurubaru

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