Part 2: How To Identify Your Superpower

This is the second entry in a four-part series about finding, cultivating, and sharing your superpower so you can build a thriving, soul-driven business you love. If you haven’t read the first part here is the link!

There’s something very liberating about finding your superpower. When I discovered mine – after years of spinning my wheels trying to follow the advice of experts who said I had to find “one thing” to build my business around – the shift was palpable, and as it turned out, lucrative as well!

The difficulty I experienced was trying to find that “one thing” the experts wanted me to find – one amazing skill, talent, trait or passion that I could focus on and build my business around.

As a creative, you know how this ends: I had so many passions, so many interests and skills, it was impossible to choose just one!

The simple truth is, your superpower is something that is completely second nature to you. It isn’t a single specific skill or ability. It’s a common theme that runs through all your passions, interests and abilities – a thread that weaves all your creative aspects together into a unique combination that can’t be or stolen or duplicated.

Your superpower is also something you do almost instinctively, and for that reason, it’s very difficult to identify.

So, how do you discover something that is, by its very nature, so well hidden?

The key is to not to look for a “thing” – a trait, a skill, a subject you’re passionate about. What we’re looking for is the thread that CONNECTS all of those traits, skills and passions.

Think of it like a jigsaw puzzle: For a creative, finding the “one thing” is like asking them to choose a single puzzle piece and to focus on it, while their superpower is, in fact, the picture created when all the pieces are put together.

That’s what we need to do – identify the pieces, and then see what image they create. THAT will be your superpower.

The first step in discovering your superpower is to take stock of your background and the abilities, characteristics and knowledge you’ve accumulated throughout your life. This process takes time and requires you to ask yourself a lot of questions such as:

  • What were (or are) you good at? Eliminate anything on that list that doesn’t genuinely excite, delight and motivate you.
  • What abilities made you stand out as a child?
  • What 3 words would you use to describe yourself? What about friends and family?
  • What areas of knowledge are you most familiar with and what knowledge would you like to gain?

When you examine your life’s journey through the answers to these questions, what do you notice? Is there a common theme that connects them all? This can be difficult to see in yourself, so ask friends and family what they think defines you as a person.

Interestingly, this common theme can even be something you’ve struggled with throughout your life. Your superpower could be a quality that you apparently have “too much” of – a quality you haven’t been able to express to its fullest potential. It’s very possible that this quality has caused you pain only because you haven’t yet created the opportunity to use it.

In my case, an overabundance of ideas was the source of my pain. Or more accurately, not having any outlet for those ideas caused me pain. When I finally realised I could use my ideas to help people, everything changed! I was able to use my gift – my superpower – in a way that helped people, powered a business and set me free! 

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you get closer to finding your superpower:

  • What common theme runs through your life journey?
  • What quality of yours seems to cause you difficulty or pain? Can it be used to help people?
  • What have you struggled to express to its fullest potential?

Interested in digging even deeper into this subject? This free guide can help you do just that. Inside, you’ll embark on a journey of self discovery, uncovering the various pieces to your unique puzzle – the one that reveals your superpower.

Keep in mind that your superpower won’t be easy to find. You do it effortlessly and usually without even realizing it. While it will be a challenge, the result will be a unique combination of experience, knowledge, skills and gifts you can use to empower yourself and serve others.

Alternatively If you’d like to make use of MY superpower, please schedule a free Call with me. We’ll work together, in a totally safe space, to discover your gifts, ideas and experiences to help you create a thriving business you love.

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